Automated Test

Automated Test Systems

Production QA and QC on electrical assemblies and instrumentation can be difficult to fully execute manually. That’s why we offer design services for automated test systems that allow our customers to have tighter control on the quality of their products. 

We can design and built automated test equipment capable of measuring both electrical and mechanical properties of your product. 

Test Sequencing

We often recommend that our clients use NI TestStand based software for their test automation. 

NI TestStand can provide easy integration with a wide variety of test instrumentation through a number of built in interfaces:

  • NI LabVIEW
  • dotNET
  • ActiveX

In addition, the data logging and reporting capabilities allow us to provide reliable data logging and professional reporting without extended development time. 

Data Management

Our test systems are capable of logging test data to a variety of destinations:

  • SQL Databases
    • MySQL
    • MSSQL
    • Cloud Based Solutions
      • Microsoft Azure
      • Amazon AWS
  • Open Text / CSV 


We have capabilities of providing automated test reports using a variety of report generation frameworks:

  • NI TestStand Integrated Reporting
  • MS SQL Reporting Services
  • SAP Crystal Reports