Software Development

Agricultural engineers may perform tasks such as planning, supervising and managing the building of dairy effluent schemes, irrigation, drainage, flood and water control systems, performing environmental impact assessments, agricultural product processing and interpret research results and implement relevant practices.

National Instruments LabVIEW

As a National Instrument Alliance Partner, we have Certified LabVIEW Developers on-staff. From PC based applications to real-time deployments onto RIO hardware, our developers have the experience required to develop robust applications for even the most difficult applications. 


  • PC Based Applications
  • cRIO and sbRIO
  • cDAQ
  • PXI


  • Queued State Machines
  • Object Oriented (Actor Framework)

We have experience with embedded systems development on the below platforms.

Texas Instruments

We have developed systems around the ultra-low powered MSP430 series controllers, as well as the Tiva line of MCU's (TM4C). Our developers utilize the Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio IDE for all development. 

To reduce development time, our developers are well-versed in the Tivaware libraries available for the TM4C series controllers. Use of these publically available libraries allows us to develop complex applications without having to design libraries for basic hardware control.

Intel / Altera SOC

Biomated Solutions has experience developing high speed embedded applications on ARM based SOC. Our primary experience is with the Intel/Altera SOC platform, specifically with Cyclone IV and Cyclone V FPGAs. 

FPGA development can be done in either Verilog or VHDL, and Intel SOC EDS is utilized as the IDE for all embedded applications.