Custom HTS Platform

Project Description

Our customer needed to perform a long-term imaging based study over a large sample set. They came to Biomated Solutions to develop a high throughput screening platform that allowed them to efficiently automate their research. 

Initial 3D CAD

System Design

Three core requirements drove the system design:

  • > 200 Microplate Capacity
  • 3 Custom Imaging Nests
  • Regulated Temperature (18-22 C)

Thus the system was designed within an air-sealed aluminum and polycarbonate enclosure that provided both internal air circulation and integrated cooling, heating, and dehumidification. Plate storage and motion was provided via an off-the-shelf Thermo Scientific carousel and Orbitor arm.

Final Deployed System

Imaging Nests

The customer’s assay required a custom imaging nest that included a machine vision camera, microplate fixturing, and two illumination sources. In addition, stray external light had to be reduced. 


Software was developed in NI LabVIEW to control the full system, from scheduling duties to instrumentation control and data acquisition. 

Plate scheduling was implemented via an algorithm developed by Biomated Solutions. All information and microplate data was stored in an on-site Microsoft SQL database, which allowed for direct access by laboratory LIMS. 

End user's were provided with an HMI allowing them full control over experimental parameters. Imaging data was acquired from the three imaging nests via Gig-E cameras and NI Vision software. Data was then provided over the network for downstream analysis. 

Imaging Nest