PCB Design


Printed Circuit
Board Design

Biomated Solutions has years of experience developing PCBs ranging from simple signal distribution boards to complex embedded systems. 

Our ability to rapidly move from concept to schematic to prototype allows our customers to bring their products to market quickly. 


Design Toolchain

OrCAD Capture

Schematic Capture

OrCAD PSpice

Simulation and Optimization

Cadence Allegro

Board Layout

Power Management

Optimization of board design to safely and efficiently derive all voltage rails required:

  • Power Rail Generation
    • DC/DC Converter Selection and Optimization
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Efficiency Optimization
    • Battery Applications
  • Protection
    • Electronic Fuses (eFuse)

Embedded Control

Selection of embedded microcontrollers and single board computers (SBC). In addition, selection and design of ancillary resources such as LCD displays, UART and communication channels, I2C and SPI channels, and more. 

  • ST Microelectronics
    • STM32 Series Microcontrollers
  • Texas Instruments
    • MSP430
    • MSP432 (ARM Core)
  • Toradex
    • Colibri Series
    • Apalis Series